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Prior this year, writer, craftsman and programming designer Robert Henke, made a trip to settings across Europe playing out another broad media piece, CBM 8032 AV. Absorbed the sentimentality and iconography of 1980s processing, the glitchy beats and green, text-based showcases appear to be an improbable show piece for 2020, yet among the present hello goals designs and sound, it’s shockingly reviving. 

The whole show is delivered utilizing five 40-year-old Commodore CBM 8032 PCs, constructed utilizing a similar processor as the notable Apple One and Two. “They are extraordinarily feeble”, says Henke, when we found him behind the stage at his London appear. The PCs run at a “strong” 1 MHz clock speed, which makes complex activities inconceivable. In any case, “it’s thoroughly freeing”, he says. “You can sidestep any thought of a working framework, and that implies you can do things that are absolutely unthinkable with current machines. It’s unchartered region”. 

In spite of the stylish, the show feels recognizable. “There is a solid social reverberation bound to this green screen”, Henke clarifies. “In the event that you consider the Matrix or each and every article about cybercrime, it’s green letters. This is associated with the style of these PCs”. 

In any case, this isn’t a history exercise, what Henke has made exchanges these old machines into 2020, where their one of a kind visuals and sounds are more significant than any other time in recent memory. “Everything introduced inside the task could have been done as of now during the 1980s”, he says, “however it required the social background of today to concoct the masterful thoughts driving it”.



I am a professional graphic designer with 5 years of experience in logo and brand identity pack. Skilled in adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop software to make any vector for logo designs, stationery (business card, letterhead, etc) and social media kit (Facebook cover, Twitter, etc). brochure design and much more. I'm also working on a web security analyst and working on a cloud from the previous three years.

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